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Madonna’s revolution of love

Last year News and Noise! published an article about the commotion caused by Madonna on her MDNA tour. We were wondering whether she could use her fame to be truly engaged. The answer is yes. She actually started a revolution of love! In an interview with Eddy Moretti (Vice), see video below, she explains how and why. Looking back at the MDNA tour, she noticed signs that made her feel uncomfortable and eager to do something. The tour started in Israel when the threat of war between Israel and Iran emerged. But also the fact that homosexuals are in danger in Iran. In Kiev, the people aren’t allowed to complain about the imprisonment of Yulia Tymoshenko. The arrest of the girls of Pussy Riot, the intolerant gay law in Russia. Back in the USA, the complacency and the disproportionate security. And so on and so further. These signs of oppression made Madonna wanted to fight ignorance, fight for freedom of speech, and encourage people to tell their stories. Together with Steven Klein and Vice, she launched the digital platform: Art for Freedom.

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Madonna & Gaga on the march

If you would compare Madonna (1958) to Lady Gaga (1986) in terms of generation, quality of voice, use of social media, Lady Gaga might very well be the winner. But there are more similarities than differences. Think of their spectacular presentations, ambitions, independence, extravagance, background (they’re both from Italian families), world-wide popularity, use of trends from the camp culture and their provocations. Madonna taught the young girls in the eighties to be self assured “virgins” and for Lady Gaga everyone can be her little monster. Both their music is accessible and danceable. And in the last few weeks they were both in the news but not because of their music.

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