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Madonna & Gaga on the march

If you would compare Madonna (1958) to Lady Gaga (1986) in terms of generation, quality of voice, use of social media, Lady Gaga might very well be the winner. But there are more similarities than differences. Think of their spectacular presentations, ambitions, independence, extravagance, background (they’re both from Italian families), world-wide popularity, use of trends from the camp culture and their provocations. Madonna taught the young girls in the eighties to be self assured “virgins” and for Lady Gaga everyone can be her little monster. Both their music is accessible and danceable. And in the last few weeks they were both in the news but not because of their music.

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Madame X vs. Homophobia

The 28th Imagine Festival in Amsterdam showed the Indonesian movie Madame X, directed by Lucky Kuswandi. It is a hilarious yet multilayered film about the extravagant superhero Madame X starring Amink Sugandhi, a well-known comedian in Extravaganza on Trans TV. One of the layers of the movie is a social complaint against religious fanaticism. The film’s premiere coincided with the passing of the anti-pornography law in 2010. This law is widely regarded as a step towards a strict Islamic Law. The nightlife people like dancers and transsexuals are at risk at being arrested or, like in the movie, attacked by homophobic gangs.

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