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Letters of morality to Miley Cyrus

Why should Bruce Springsteen and Sinéad O’Connor bother to write a letter to one of the best selling artists originated from the Walt Disney Company, Miley Cyrus (1992). Is it simply a generation gap, or is there more to it? Cyrus, daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, started her showbiz career in her early childhood. The TV-series Hannah Montana, in which she portrayed the starring character Miley Stewart, became her big breakthrough. Since then her music scores highly in the charts. After her Hannah Montana period Cyrus decides to tear the good-girl-image off. A little bit like Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga, or even Madonna, provocative and sexy. The video clip Wrecking Ball made Bruce Springsteen and Sinéad O’Connor want to give her some lessons in morals. In this article you will find both letters ánd the response of Amanda Palmer to Sinéad O’Connor’s letter.

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