A charity song for Yemen

This morning I was listening to BBC World News, and there was an item about a charity song for Yemen. The song has been uploaded on YouTube on October 2020, but it just has around 400 views. It is a very beautiful song with a very important purpose: to help the pregnant woman of Yemen. Learn more about the song, the war in Yemen, and why it is important to support this action.

By Charlie Crooijmans

The war in Yemen is a forgotten war because it rarely appears in the news. It is too dangerous for journalists to report. And for aid organizations it is almost impossible to help the common people of Yemen, who has to cope with famine, diseases, and destruction. It is the worst humanitarian disaster ever!

It is very complex, but it seems that this civil war has been transformed in a geopolitical power play. Here on BBC News is a very clear article about the war. The worst and ugliest thing is the enormous weapon deals of Western countries with Saudi Arabia. War has always been very lucrative.

The song I Wish I was Here For You is a Kurdish lullaby arrangement by the composer, Gabriel Currington. The song is an initiative of Internava. Internava (aka “The Internava Project”) is a non-political music organization formed in 2017, to support Iranian musicians and Iranian composers. It is a bit confusing because the charity song doesn’t appear on their site, while the recording is owned by Internava.

The song is a collaboration between a European and Iranian musicians, among them the soprano singer Shiva. The music is recorded just before lockdown at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, and Shiva sang her part (in English and Kurdish) in Tehran, and that recording is mixed in London. What has this all to do with Yemen?

Even though Intervana is a non-political organization, it is hard to not politicize this or any project that is involved. But on the other hand, soft power like music and culture is preferable than bombs and destruction.

The description of the song on YouTube says the following: The charity is for the Hajjah Health Centre and Emergency Obstetrics Unit in Hajjah city; a lifeline to thousands of people. Pregnant women and newborns are particularly vulnerable in Yemen. 84% of women give birth at home without support from a trained midwife, and Yemen faces one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the region – 385 mothers die for every 100,000 births. Many women give birth without having seen a medical expert during their entire pregnancy. This center, offering free, round the clock care is vital.

This is pretty important, don’t you think? Especially now during the pandemic. Watch the video and support this action.