Unilever, clean up your mess!

To complain about gum and skin allergies is not very sexy. How clever of campaigning organization Jhatkaa to ask rapper Sofia Ashraf to help out. A video directly addressed to consumer goods giant Unilever for exposing residents of Kodaikanal, India, to toxic mercury contamination, went viral. Not only because of the music, it is based on the pop-hit Anaconda, but also because of the lyrics.

by Charlie Crooijmans

Unilever came and left devastation
As they exposed the land to contamination

By the way, what’d they say?
That their factory was safe as day
They don’t trust a word of what the workers say

This is real
Prolonged exposure got many men killed
There’s children born seriously ill
The environment is polluted still
Now that’s some toxic shit

According to Unilever, mercury doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. And that there is insufficient evidence from the current condition of the factory workers and their previous exposure to mercury in the factories. You can find more information on the site of Unilever.

If you are not convinced you still can sign the petition