Musical Right Awards 2013

Last Saturday the International Music Council (IMC) announced the winners of the Musical Right Awards. IMC is an independent non-governmental organization, based at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris. According to the IMC all people should be able to express themselves freely, learn musical languages and skills, and have access to musical involvement. Musical artists got to have the right to ‘develop their artistry and communicate through all media and to obtain just recognition and remuneration for their work’ (IMC). The awards will be presented during the opening ceremony of the 5th IMC World Forum on Music in Brisbane, Australia, on 21 November 2013. There are three programs that stand out this year.

by Charlie Crooijmans

1. The Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technology is ‘looking for a way to give artistic life to indigenous and for the most part forgotten musical instruments’. In the video (2007) below you can see an example of this. More information at Bronitsky and Associates.

2. “Music and Resilience” for the Palestinian Refugees of Lebanon is a program that ‘aims at empowering children and adolescents living under the most stressful and unworthy conditions in refugee camps. It encompasses two projects; “Elbus DoReMiFa” which aims at giving children and young people basic music education including instrumental and vocal performance, and “Music Therapy and Social Care” which addresses children at risk due to psycho-social stress and disability’. You can find more information on Prima Materi.

3. The program “Remix the Orchestra” sets the stage for ‘artistic collaboration between at-risk young people, professional hip-hop artists and orchestra musicians’.

Barbara Glaser, Chief Executive, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra says “In the 21st century orchestras must reach beyond the concert stage to bring people together, whether they are horn players or hip-hop fans. We are honoured to receive this award because it recognises what all Remix the Orchestra participants share: a love of music and a belief in its power to change lives.” (Sounz)

The Awards are a way to encourage IMC members and other organisations to give active support to the musical rights. This Award is a symbolic and active recognition of the effort that is brought by each actor involved to the nominated projects and programmes. You can find more information on IMC.