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Kombo Kolombia assaulted

The drug-related violence is mostly concentrated in the northern part of Mexico, spreading out to the rest of the country (BBC News), and can be shockingly extreme. One of the latest excesses is the assault on the Mexican band Kombo Kolombia.  The band played a private show in a bar in Hidalgo, in the area known as Potrero Chico, and reported missing since then.

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M.I.S.: No more parties, time for politics

There is a lot of drug-related violence in Mexico. In the five years of presidency of Felipe Calderon many thousands of people have been killed (BBC). According to former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge G. Castañeda the war on drugs has not brought any solutions. Therefore, he pleads for the legalization of drugs (NPR). Last Sunday candidate Enrique Peña Nieto (PRI), who won the presidential elections after a recount, claimed – during the campaign – to be open to debate on legalisation even though he opposes it. But his strategy on drugs will not differ greatly from Calderon’s (Huffington Post).

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